EcoCandle is a natural and healthy candle, is entirely biodegradable, vegan, and employs fair and sustainable farming practices, such as paying fair wages, the boycott of Palm oil, and supporting chemical-free production of olive trees in Italy. EcoCandle uses solely 100% natural ingredients, implements recyclable packaging, and FSR donates a portion of EcoCandle's profits to Pesticide Action Network International to stop the use of harmful pesticides. In addition, FSR does not do any animal testing.  This is an 8 ounce candle and it is made using coconut wax.  It will burn for at least 25 hours.


All of EcoCandle's fragrances are 100% natural and use the purest ingredients available.


  • Only for sale by authorized retailers.

    Made in the USA by FSR SOAP CO.®

    Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

    Net Weight: ≥ 150 g / 5.3 oz. ℮



    As this is an authentic and handcrafted item, variations in color and texture may occur.